This is the Heartland!

Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest

is a homegrown festival in the works.

This is a new breed of chantfest co-created by artists, teachers, and YOU to bring the heart- opening bhava to the Midwest.

This is a festival for the people, by the people.

It honors the wallahs, musicians, and teachers who nourish our souls and gives back to a worthy charity. Join us for a heart opening experience like no other! Sing with all day non-stop kirtanin a wide variety of musical styles. Practice different styles of Yoga in classes that run from morning to evening. Learn more about the ancient science of Yoga in unique workshops. Shop in our vendor village and taste delicious vegetarian cuisine! Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest takes place in an alcohol and drug free environment.


Yoga means to join together, to reunite. Find yourself on the mat practicing the balance of strength, balance, breath, and mindfulness. Deepen your personal practice with experienced teachers and find a way to reunite with you.


Sing together with some of the best wallahs from the Midwest and beyond! This is Bhakti yoga - the yoga of love, It’s a call and response style chanting/singing that is guaranteed to give you that experience we call bhav; a heart fully soaked with love!


Delve deep into a new spaces and learn more about what Yoga and Kirtan really are. From singing bowls and gongs to Hindu deities, practical spirituality, and awakening to love find yourself here.


This is a space to make new friends and create new bonds. Singing together, practicing together, eating together, just being together with like minded, good hearted people for a few days can really make a change for good in one’s life and the people around them!
Main Stage Friday 5pm - 6:30 Kaita 7pm - 9 Ragani 9:30pm - 11:30 David Newman Saturday 8:30am - 9:30 Meditation with Sharanam 11am - 12:30 Hans Christian 1pm - 2:30 Sacred Waters 3pm - 4:30 Ian Boccio & Friends 5pm - 6:30 Brenda McMorrow 7pm - 9 HuDost 9:30pm - 11:30 Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band Sunday 9:30am - 11:30 Kirtan Path - Hanuman Chalisa / Kirtan 12pm- 1:30 Bhakti Caravan 2pm - 3:30 Ryan Hader
Second Stage Saturday 8:30am - 9:30 Shanti Maya - Hanuman Chalisa 9:30am - 10:30 Shanti Maya - Kirtan 10:45am - 11:45 Amy and the Bliss Tribe 12pm - 1 DEVI 2000 1:15pm - 2:15pm Brilliant Bliss Kirtan 2:30pm - 3:30 Ananda Lila 3:45pm - 4:45pm Supersonic Soul Circle Sunday 9:45am - 10:45 Gina Slager 11am - 12 Love, Light, and Harmony 12:15pm - 1:15 Fred Bliffert and the Blisstones 1:30pm - 2:30 Eric Majeski




9pm - 11:30 Roman Borochin · Ecstatic Dance Party Ecstatic Dance is an extraordinary social dance gathering and practice, where you can dance and move any way you want, and feel free to be you with others that want the same. Our dance floor is a verbal conversation-free space which allows for more movement and non-verbal communication. Making noise and sounds is very accepted, and of course there is a space away from the dance floor to connect while talking. There is also no photography or videography on the dance floor to help support the highest expression of movement in dance. To assist in dancing with others, dancing by your self, and in being brave and pushing your self to take risks we set and uphold clear consent guidelines that can invite someone to dance, say no to an invitation, and finish a shared dance.


8:15am - 9:30 August Ristow · Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Open the day with a lighter, slow flow vinyasa yoga class focused on the balance of Sthira and Suhka - strength and ease. Gentle doesn’t mean easy, it’s how we practice. Reconnect back to the first two yoga principles: Ahimsa and Satya. Non-Harming and Truthfulness. All levels welcome. 10am - 12 Sean Johnson · Wildy Devoted - Bhakti on the Mat Deepen your soul connection by merging the heart-opening qualities of bhakti yoga with the vitality of asana. This playful practice kicks off with engaging storytelling and chanting that flows into a vinyasa yoga practice to bring the story to life within you through breath, movement, song, and imagination. 12:30pm - 1:45 Ragani · Live in Yoga This powerful guided experience of ridiculously simple, gentle movements will serve to awaken the Ever Present inner yogi within you. Discover this deeper thread of all yoga practices and awaken to the experience of living in awareness. The clear guidance you receive in this class will serve you in your daily life, and it can be easily applied to any future yoga class that you attend (or teach). One of the rare yoga classes offered by Ragani and recommended for both beginning and advanced practitioners, regardless of age or ability or yoga smartness. 2pm - 3:15 Shannon Connell Fischer · Midwest Mid- Fest Soma & Soul Recharge Take an afternoon break to restore & recharge body, mind, heart and soul. We will explore the Somatic (nurturing, fluid, rejuvenating) principles of movement, various pranayama methods, chanting/mantra and an awakening and relaxing practice to help us connect and flow even more with the river of life within... 3:30pm - 4:45 Karen Weber · Freedom & Fulfillment Why does peace feel temporary? Why do my patterns seem to get the best of me? Do I actually have the power to change them? The Divine Mother with Her complete knowledge (as the knower, known and means of knowing) and limitless Shakti has always been the path to everlasting peace. She patiently allows her child explore every possibility until we come to our own conclusion that She is the solution & the fulfillment we’ve been seeking. With eyes open we see that ‘I am not the Doer’. Join Karen Weber for an exploration of Ishvara Pranidhana & experience the joy that comes from effortless alignment with Thy will. All levels welcome.


9am - 10:15 Ryan Hader · Tandava Yoga Tandava is described as a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution-a dance of personal liberation. This 75 Min Yoga class focuses on alignment within basic poses. This is not an advanced Posture class, yet will include meditation techniques such as Pranayam (Yogic Breathing), Japa Meditation (repeating mantras with meditation beads) or applying Bhandas (energy locks in the body) to basic poses. Our intent with this delivery is to help people meditate with greater ease. Every class will end with 15 minutes of meditation or extended final resting pose. 10:30am - 11:30 Eric Perez · Alignment Flow This class is anchored in alignment principles and structural bio mechanics. A combination of vinyasa (one breath per movement) and static poses (holds and aligning the entire body). Each class is heavily themed towards Svadhyaya or self study: response versus reaction, as well as cultivating a sense of self love and trust. Integration of regular ‘’posture clinics’’ and moments of a classroom setting with educating and observing before executing will help deepen your understanding and awareness allowing for a healing experience. Actively practicing the law of attraction, and the verbiage is always uplifting and inspiring. If you are looking for a deeper connection to yourself, healing, and looking to change your life, this class is for you. Going well beyond the physicality of the postures with breathing exercises, chanting mantras, or sitting in meditation. Come to light your fire, clear your mind, and open your heart! 11:45am - 12:45 Shayne Broadwell · Vinyasa Yoga Literally translated from Sanskrit, vinyasa means “connection.” Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes movement with breath which helps the practitioner develop a greater sense of self-awareness, balance, and harmony with themselves and their environment. Classes are high energy and will include smoothly flowing movements between poses guided by the force of inhales and exhales. Each class is unique, but may include the many variations of Sun Salutations as well as standing postures, inversions, backbends, forward folds, and balancing postures. 1pm - 2 Laura Rooney · Hatha Yoga Quality matters at least as much as quantity and asana doesn’t need to be fancy to be effective and enjoyable! Explore breadth and depth of optimal alignment and execution of a variety of foundational yoga poses, basic breathing exercises and relaxation in this 60-minute led yoga practice accessible to all.

Awakening the Yogi-Artist

Bhakti Yoga Intensive with

Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band

Sometimes in our life and our yoga practice we feel a little dried up, thirsty for creative juice that reinvigorates our spirit. This intensive is an invitation to drink from the life-giving well of bhakti yoga, the yoga of the heart. Sing your heart out, rekindle your soul, stir the gods and goddesses within you, tap into your inner poet, dance like a child, and rejoice in the awakening of your unique voice and creativity. Savor the intuitive freedom and exploration of exploring art, song, poetry, and dance as an act of meditation and prayer. Explore more deeply your own life story through interactive storytelling, mythology, and journaling. Tune your being with singing meditation, kirtan chanting, rhythm, and dance. Spark a romance with life itself through exploration of the love poetry of the Bhakti tradition.


5:30pm - 6:45 RU~IN Gongs · Gong Meditation - Resetting your Frequency Please join us for a 75 minute sound healing session, using a variety of instruments for a multi-sensory experience. We will take a journey with soothing, healing sounds and vibrations for relaxation and renewal of spirit. Led by Ron Uttke, a Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Healer.


8:30am - 9:45 Gina Armstrong · Peter Hess Singing Bowl PlayShop Join The Peter® Hess Academy Midwest and Peter Hess® Certified Sound Massage Practitioners, as we weave you through an inward journey utilizing the vibrations and sounds of Peter Hess® Therapeutic Singing Bowls. Participants will have the opportunity to feel and explore how the use of therapeutic singing bowls on the body nurtures alignment, balance, and stillness within. Ending with a sound infused guided sound journey. Therapeutic Singing Peter Hess Singing Bowls available for the first 30 participants. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pen, and water bottle. 10am - 11:15 Manoj · Your Hero’s Journey - Hindu & Buddhist Deities Using statues to illustrate, Manoj will take you on an humorous story telling journey and will relate the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist deities to the archetypes within us. We will all kayak the collective unconscious of Jungian Archetypes that guide us in our heroine’s journey to Self Actualization or Enlightenment. Uncover their hidden symbolisms and learn the five ways to work with them as part of a spiritual practice. 11:30am - 12:45 Chaitanya Charan Das · Practical Spirituality Chaitanya Charan is a monk, mentor and spiritual author. Seeing the prevalent problems of stress, depression, addiction and overall misdirection – all caused by a lack of spirituality – he felt inspired to dedicate his life to the cause of sharing the spiritual wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita under the aegis of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). He will discuss spirituality in the modern world. 1:30pm - 3:30 David Newman · Awakening to Love Do you feel the transformational sparks of Spiritual Awakening that is expanding rapidly on the planet today? There are many paths and practices available to support us in this ultimate quest, and one such path is the Way of Love. David Newman has made it a life's passion to illuminate the practice of opening your heart, and loving unconditionally as a vehicle for spiritual awakening. Journey into the wisdom of your heart through Kirtan, and the ageless teachings on the Path of Love, or Bhakti, as it is known in the yogic tradition. Come and experience how embracing love, fearlessly and wholeheartedly, can ignite your quest for awakening, and fulfill your search for deeper meaning, greater happiness and a higher truth. 4pm - 5:30 Lisa Gniady · Inner Child Healing through Kundalini Yoga Within our physical form we carry our stories. They define who we are as individuals. Sometimes we have difficulty handling our life stories. Through breath, movement and chanting let us unleash the negative connections with the past. Open your heart to joy. And ignite the desire to find happiness within. Smile, sweat and come ready to free yourself of past attachments not serving your highest self. Be Activated to a state of Ananda. 5:45pm - 7 RU~IN Gongs · Gong Meditation - Resetting your Frequency Please join us for a 75 minute sound healing session, using a variety of instruments for a multi-sensory experience. We will take a journey with soothing, healing sounds and vibrations for relaxation and renewal of spirit. Led by Ron Uttke, a Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Healer.


8:30am - 9:45 (STAGE 2) · Manoj - Awaken Shakti, the Goddess Archetype within You This class is suitable for men and women. The pinnacle of the Goddess archetype is the Wisdom Goddess with side archetypes of the Mother and the luminous Devi. Discover the archetypes of Shakti within us as Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, Durga, Tara and Kwan Yin. Unleash this Shakti, within you as the creative power of the One that guides us through all aspects of life transitions and fully express our heroine’s journey to Self Actualization. 8:30am - 9:45 Claire Stillman · Bliss of Thai Massage Claire Stillman will guide a flow of techniques for an easy to remember Thai Yoga Massage sequence. Come away from this workshop having felt & learned to give an accessible massage sequence and a new way of connecting with friends and family. The art of Thai Yoga Massage is beneficial to the mind-body of both giver and receiver. Rooted in Traditional Thai Medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda, this is an ancient healing art using elements of acupressure, energy work & yoga to relieve mind-body tension & imbalances. 10am - 11:30 Lisa Gniady · Open your Intuition, Begin today! We all have to start somewhere. Opening to your Intuitive gifts is a journey to awakening. To get a greater understanding of the subtle realms, you need to go deep within yourself to find the answers you seek. Discussion, Moving Affirmations to clear your auric field, Breathwork and a Powerful Kundalini meditation will be the spark to ignite your path to awakening. Join Lisa Gniady, Spiritual Life Coach as you journey to discover your own gifts. 11:45am - 1 Cindy Huston · Celebrate the Fall Equinox The word equinox comes from Latin and means “equality of night and day.” The fall equinox signifies the transition from summer to fall. In the 5 element system the fall is earth. Honoring the nourishment and nurturing we receive from the earth within us and around us that helps humanity grow and create. What seeds did you plant in the spring, nurture in the summer, and will be harvested in the fall? What from your harvest will sustain you throughout the winter? We will celebrate collectively with a Restorative Yoga practice, meditation, and salt burning ceremony. Bring a list of items you would like to place in the fire to be released. What are you ready to be complete with? Change, transform, release, and let go? Where will you choose to focus your energy as we prepare to go inward heading toward the winter months. Om Mani Padme Hum 1:15pm - 2:30 RU~IN Gongs · Gong Meditation - Resetting your Frequency Please join us for a 75 minute sound healing session, using a variety of instruments for a multi-sensory experience. We will take a journey with soothing, healing sounds and vibrations for relaxation and renewal of spirit. Led by Ron Uttke, a Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Healer.




Camping on site at the Fairgrounds is available! $22 a night - no hookups $27 a night - with electric $35 a night - with full hookups Reserve your site by emailing us indicating what type of site you would like and which nights you are reserving. Please indicate the type of site and which nights you are reserving. Then send check to


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(1) Is there a brief overview of the festival? What’s this event about? What are the hours? Friday registration beings at 11am. The festival officially begins Friday at 4pm and goes to 11:30pm. The first band plays at 5pm. Saturday registration beings at 8am. Festival starts at 8:30am and goes to 11:30pm. Sunday registration beings at 8am. Festival starts at 11am (currently) and goes to 3:30pm. The event kicks off Friday with Yoga and Kirtan workshops and events. Saturday, enjoy a full day of Yoga and Music. Sunday, we carry out the weekend with all of the movement and mantra music meditation your heart can hold as well as enjoy the great food and goodies from the amazing vendors in between. You may as well just camp out! Fair-grounds are available and ready for you to claim your spot and pitch your tents. (2) Is there a map key? How far apart are the two stages and the yoga spaces? Find the map key and a link to the fairground map below. (3) Is it all indoors? Everything is indoors though you will need to go outside to get to some of the buildings. You should bring soft cushiony things to sit on as the floors will be concrete. Bring blankets, pillows and whatever else you need to be comfortable. Bringing an umbrella and a poncho might be a good idea. There might be some fun outside if the weather is kind. (4) How close are the vendor booths to the stages? Vendor booths are in main stage area and vendor hall. (5) What vendors will be there? TBD (6) How close are the campsites to the stages? Some campsites are as close as 100ft and some are farther away. Take a look at the map of the fairgrounds to get a better idea. There are lots of options though so if you want more private you can have it. (7) Are there shower facilities? Four major shower facilities are located throughout the fairground. (8) Is there internet access? How’s the cell coverage? Wi-Fi is free at the fairgrounds! Cell coverage is good but not great. (9) How close is parking? Is it free? Parking is free and it is about 500ft from the stages. There will be some staff parking closer to the main stage area. (10) Are there potable water fountains? Yes. Bring a bottle for water! (11) What about bringing children? There will be a supervised children’s area with a childcare professional. This is located between the Main Stage and Yoga Space 2. Look for an activities tent. (12) Will there be chairs by the stages? Yes. There will be some chairs for sure. We still recommend bringing blankets, bolsters, and whatever else you need to be comfortable as we sing our hearts out! (13) Is there a rideshare program Yes! We have a Facebook group for that. Join it here for all the info. (14) Don’t see something that should be here? Well then click here to email us and we will update shortly!
Fri, Sept 20th - Sun, Sept 22nd 2019 Jefferson County Fairgrounds Jefferson, WI

Full 3 Day Festival Pass $200

Single Day Pass $100

Sean Johnson Pre-Festival Intenstive $75

“Awakening the Yogi-Artist Bhakti Yoga Intensive” Friday, Sept 20th 11:30am - 4:30pm All Tickets are Non-Refundable

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